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Vallax solo music combines a hybrid mixture of classical, electronic, and rock elements, unlocking the combined expressive potential of these styles. Hybridising these three seemingly-disparate areas of music could bring about futuristic musical possibilities. Persistent experimentation in composition and production has brought continuous improvements in combining them. As a classically-trained pianist and technology enthusiast studying DAWs, synths, and electric guitar, Vallax uses composition and production processes for integration of the nuance and sophistication of classical music with modern production techniques. Currently, classical/orchestral music is the primary style produced as a means of furthering the quality of composition and orchestration work.

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Library music (category) is available via Pond5

Free music (category) is royalty free.

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Tracks available: Fantasion, Raiders, Triumph, Impact, Micron, Eclipse, Underestimated, Tormentor, Frenzy, Initialize, Primagalactic 3, Primagalactic 2, Primagalactic 1, Supersonus, Invaders, and Interference

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