Here you can see graphics, artwork, and videos produced by Vallax. Non-music commissions (images, videos, or website design) are possible through the contact form here. You can easily discuss anything on this page in its dedicated forum category, including images and videos.


See a compilation of my latest graphics and artwork below. I produce these graphics for a variety of branding purposes and for general creative practice and enjoyment. I’m primarily a musician, but I like other creative arts similarly. Click the large image for a full size view.

  • Vallax logo in badge style - Graphics - Alternate rendition of my logo as a metallic angular badge with a bright outer bezel.
  • Vallax logo horizontal - Graphics - Higher quality version of my horizontal logo used for the website menu and other locations.
  • Fennec fox - Artwork - Untraced digital portrait of a fennec fox drawn from scratch in Procreate on iPad Pro. Part of a series I'm planning of digitally-drawn exotic/beautiful animal species'.
  • Sky over ocean - Artwork - Abstract digital artwork of a beautiful cloudy sky over an ocean lit in vivid colours
  • Vallax logo over text - Graphics - Vallax logo with the logo above the text, like a rocket or arrowhead.
  • Galaxy design - Artwork - Digital artwork of a brightly-lit galaxy
  • Space banner - Graphics - A banner image featuring my style of space/galaxy artwork with Vallax text in the centre.
  • Vallax formed from logo - Graphics - This illustrates how the elements of my logo contain every letter of the word Vallax without compromising on simplicity and style.
  • Vallax logo - Graphics - My primary logo. Uses a pale yet vibrant rainbow gradient juxtaposed onto a crystalline structure containing every letter of Vallax.
  • Logo outline - Graphics - Primary Vallax logo with outlines instead of block shapes. Used alternatively to the block emblem in different contexts.
  • Abstract folds - Artwork - Abstract digital art of folding aurora-like elements twisted into interesting shapes.
  • Vallax fabric - Artwork - Repeating fabric-like texture made of “Vallax” text created using chromatic aberration effects.
  • Galaxy/Portal - Artwork - This digital artwork shows a galaxy-like shape formed into an orb of some sort.
  • Logo Favicon - Graphics - My logo favicon uses a pale multicolour color scheme to stand out.

I’ll be continuously adding new work to this gallery as I produce new artwork and evolve my branding.


See the latest Vallax music videos below in the official Vallax Music playlist. The image explains video thumbnail colour codings used to highlight the genres of individual tracks. Full-screen video and subscription options are available without leaving this website. Subscriptions, comments, shares, and likes appreciated.

Thumbnails genre key

My current videos are purely music videos, but I have future plans for other formats, including videos relating to the music industry and composition/production techniques. I'll also consider videos in other formats, possibly including vlogs and tutorials. Subscribe to keep updated with my progress (currently in very early stages) or follow my networks/mailing list here.

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