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Primagalactic Trilogy (3 tracks)

The Primagalactic trilogy EP forms a collection of some of my most powerful works yet, composed as an interlinked classically-inspired movement-sequence. Primagalactic 1 features beautiful piano, orchestra, and percussion. Primagalactic 2 brings down the intensity for a soft but broad adventurous piano and strings composition. Primagalactic 3 finishes off with an epic fanfare-like production featuring orchestral, electric guitar, and percussion. All composed, produced, arranged, and mixed by Vallax.

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Length: Combined, the tracks in this EP add up to over 22 minutes

Available on the following platforms:

Apple Music

And across many more platforms.

THIS EP CONTAINS 3 TRACKS: Primagalactic 1, Primagalactic 2, and Primagalactic 3

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